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Some of these comments were from a This Was Your Life!
Conference held at Christ for the Nations Institute...

"This has been an eye opener!"    Steve Henschel (Vancouver, WA)
"It has been awesome. Some amazing insights into the Word."
    Richard Meikle (Mutare, Zimbabwe)
"I learned SO MUCH that I CAN and will use. The section on the Fear of Man freed me."    Delilah Palocios-Crawford (San Antonio, TX)
"It set my heart free."    —Janet M.
"It was excellent. I wish it were longer."    —Jeff LaBarge (Belton, CA)
"It was amazing! Already, I have made some major changes in my life,
and God has pulled me out of a month-long depression."    Anonymous
"Awesome! This conference really changes lives."
    Alenka Ramirez (Mexico City)

"Absolutely phenomenal! Rock on! The illustrations/analogies were superb. Let’s make it longer."    Bruce Cunningham (Santiago, Chile)
"I enjoyed the focus on pride/humility. It’s nice to have it re-enforced that any focus on yourself (including negative) is still pride! This concept can set a lot of people free!"    Traci Butler (Lubbock, TX)
"It was awesome! Never before have I understood what true humility was."    Carolyn Lassiter (Nyssa, Oregon)
"Clear and powerful. This conference was an answer to my prayers."
    Waleska Souza (Brazil)
"It was a very effective conference in giving us tools to use in living every moment to its fullest for God."
    Rebecca Blanchard (Laredo, TX)
"I enjoyed it very much. It gave me a freedom to enjoy and appreciate change without putting up a defensive wall or using justification."   
Jennifer Agyepong (Worcester, MA)
"It was very helpful. God used you to say, "If you even think ‘What will people think of me?’ no matter what the answer is, it is still pride." That revelation gave me an understanding of how the devil works. I have been living in shame and rejection for many months. Once I got a revelation of casting your cares upon the Lord, I was broken free. Now I just have to stand on this revelation and meditate on the teaching that was taught to me. Thank you, Jesus, for using this conference to drastically change and put joy and peace in my life."
    Matthew O’Brien (Quincy, TX)
"Very encouraging. It has blessed my life in many ways."
    Faith Ives (Waco, TX)
"It was excellent. The topic [of the Judgment Seat of Christ] is unchartered territory for me & very challenging!"
    Elissa Polley (Minneapolis, MN)
"I really enjoyed the conference. I learned a lot. This conference opened some new doors in my faith that changed my life. I would recommend this conference to any believer."
    Chris Belcher (Auckland, New Zealand)
"Very sobering. It brought much light to the subject [of the Judgment Seat] and helped me focus on the true reason for living—to serve others and be closer and closer to God. I loved everything you said, especially the way you did it. You can touch on harsh subjects in a very gentle way, and talk about something serious with a lot of humor. I wish we had more time! Everything was simply great!"
    Keila Thieme (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
"Very well presented, understandable, and impacting."
    Rachel Godwin (Dothan, Alabama)
"This was such a great God week. It has given me a new freedom and a different mindset."    Jamie Weaver (Elizabethville, PA)
"Wow! It was a waker-upper. It was awesome."
    Pedro Teram (Douglas, AZ)
"This was some of the most amazing insightful topics I have ever heard."
   Zech Stake (Sioux Falls, South Dakota)


"I just finished the 'This Was Your Life' tape series - wow!  I have
listened to many of the tapes more than once.  I have been reading the
book as well and going over the questions.  It's a very powerful
series."   Lydia Snyder (Orlando, FL))



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