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"The skilled approach taken by Rick Howard and Jamie Lash to this awe-inspiring theme is peculiar in this respect:  It is both entertaining and frightening.  If 'entertaining' seems glib, know that it is only in the sense that it is highly engrossing.  If 'frightening' seems

undesirable, know it is only in the sense that one is led to a new awareness of our ultimate accountability for our life. 

It may strike some as a superficial generalization to say that every Christian should hear this message, but it seems in today's mental and moral environment that it would merit such priority consideration. This message is a sobering summons to our souls - a sensitively discussed but starkly honest presentation which will enrich the viewer.  We need the weight of such teaching to balance the truths of our expectations of God's blessings with the truth of God's expectations of us.  Here is ballast for the soul - a blessing in both smooth and stormy times."

— Jack Hayford, Founding Pastor, Church on the Way
   President, King's College and Seminary


This Was Your Life
by Rick Howard & Jamie Lash
is published by Chosen books, a division of Baker Books.



I was hard at work one Monday morning in downtown Memphis when the phone rang. Mondays were especially busy for a director of Youth for Christ. The phone call was from one of my board members, an enthusiastic layman who always moved me by his consistent witness and love for Jesus Christ. Ed had been an uncompromising friend to me and a great support to my ministry.
“I need to see you for a few minutes this morning,” he said in a
businesslike tone.
“Impossible, Ed,” I replied. “It can’t be today. Could we meet midweek?”
“No, Rick, it has to be now. I’ll come down and wait for a break in your
I heard a click. The line was dead.
Ed came and sat in my office as I continued with my work. Then I heard him ask quietly, “Rick, have you ever thought much about the Judgment Seat of Christ?”
I did not even look up from my papers. “Oh, I know there’ll be one, Ed. . . .”
There was silence. When I finally glanced up in curiosity, I saw tears
streaming down his face. I felt ashamed.
“Oh, Ed, forgive me! Obviously you have something to share that’s far more important than this work.” Grabbing my Bible, I turned my chair toward my friend. “O.K., what’s on your mind? I think I’m ready.”
For almost three hours Ed walked me through the Scriptures on the Judgment Seat of Christ. When he finished, he put his hand on my shoulder and prayed a simple, fervent prayer. Then he stood up, hugged me and was gone. I was stunned. Years earlier Ed had been a Golden
Gloves boxing champion. Had he slammed me with his fist, he could not have made a bigger impact on me than he had that morning.    (cont.)
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In 1987 a friend told me about a video that he said contained "the most motivating teaching" he had ever heard in his life. It was entitled "The Judgment Seat of Christ" by Rick Howard—whom I had never heard of. 
(I have since learned that Rick Howard has shared this message in over eighty countries around the world.) I asked if I could borrow the video. Since then I have watched that tape sixteen times! Never has a single message impacted my life so greatly.

Even though I had already been a Christian for many years, I had never been taught about the Judgment Seat of Christ. Now I feel like I’m getting ready for the Olympics—only it’s a million times bigger than that.

Much of the church has been lacking incredible motivation God intended us to have because we’ve neglected an incredible truth God intended us to have. Martin Luther said, "There are only two days on my calendar: Today and that Day."

Only believers will be at the Judgment Seat of Christ. Unbelievers will be judged at the Great White Throne Judgment (See Revelation 20:11-15). The issue at the judgment of believers is not punishment. Christ has already borne the punishment for our sins. God will be evaluating our lives—looking for things to reward!

God sent His Son to make both salvation and fruitfulness possible. Salvation gets us to heaven; our fruitfulness will be evaluated once we get there. How we serve God in heaven forever is being determined by how we live this life! The importance of how we live this life cannot be overstated.

On that Day, some Christians will rejoice "with great joy" (Jude 24) while others will "shrink back from Him in shame" (1 John 2:28). All who put their faith in Christ will be in heaven, but some will hear "Well done, good and faithful servant," and some will not. Some will wear crowns indicative of the Father's pleasure upon them, and some will not. Some will be invited to "enter into the joy of their Master," and some will not. This is very serious indeed!   (cont.)
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