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Do you work long hours to try to keep up with your business and family? Does your personal time with God get pushed to the end of your day and then frequently fall off? Are your life'’ dreams coming true or are they being destroyed by personal disorganization?

God doesn’t overload us with work. There is ample time to do all he wishes us to do.

In recent years I’ve learned some incredibly helpful time management principles. They have made a profoundly positive impact on my ministry, family life, and stress level. It really is possible to get more done in less time. In Acts chapter 6, the disciples implemented a time management principle and their effectiveness was multiplied as a result. They didn’t work harder or longer. They worked smarter.

The LifeGivingWords Time Management series is designed to help your life become more effective, more enjoyable, less stressful, and more honoring to God.

If you put a frog in a pot of cold water on a stove and slowly turn up the heat, the frog will remain in the pot until it has boiled to death. (We seek to make a point here; we are not advocating frog murder.)

A thump on the side of the pot will cause a stewing frog to leap about four feet out of his potential deathbed. The thump wakes him up. It moves him to constructive action.

Most people die without seeing their dreams come true because they don’t take the practical steps necessary.

The principles covered in this Time Management series are like the thump on the side of the pot. They goad you into doing the things necessary to turn your dreams into reality.

Topics covered:

Goal Setting

"We can know whether what we are doing is absurd only after we have identified the goals we are trying to achieve." --Charles Hughes


"How we live our lives is determined by our GOALS. What goals we choose are determined by our PRIORITIES. Whether we reach our goals is determined by our PLANNING." --Ted Engstrom


You can do it alone, or you can multiply your effectiveness by learning to delegate properly. A trained team will both outlast and outperform an individual, no matter how talented he or she may be.

Cure for Overcommitment

Most people would accomplish more by focusing on less. The key is not to do more things but to do the few important things well. God wants us to live for that which matters most.


"One myth is that the harder you work, the more you’ll get done. Results are seldom proportional to the buckets of sweat generated." --Robert Pearse

Time Wasters

Strategies to reduce the wasted time caused by phone calls, drop-in visitors, inefficient meetings, cluttered desks, paper deluge, etc.

Urgent Vs. Important

"The tyranny of the urgent lies in its distortion of priorities--its subtle cloaking of minor projects with major status, often under the guise of ‘crisis.’ The urgent tasks call for instant action and drive out the important from our consciousness." --R. Alec Mackenzie

God wants to use you to make a significant difference in the lives of others.  When you realize that God has called us to accomplish eternally significant things with our lives through His power, you realize the importance of not wasting time. In order to maximize our impact for His Kingdom, we must learn how to "seize our time"--to grab it forcefully and bring it under control.

Effective Goal-Setting……..turning dreams into reality

Effective Planning………….determining what must be done today to
                                                    bring about the tomorrow you desire

Effective Delegation………..ending the one-man show

Cure for Overcommitment…accomplishing more by focusing on less

Workaholism…………………working smarter, not longer or harder

Time Wasters………………...minimizing lost time

Urgent vs. Important………...ending "crisis management"


"Very practical.  A scaffolding for a more productive and less
stressful life."    Sam Fanning
"Enjoyable--which is not what I expected."    Johnny Gardner
"Very beneficial."    Terri Lynn Graves
"Highly effective.  This has effectively trained me to become a better
leader and a more efficient Time Manager.  At the same time, it has
eliminated a great deal of stress by simply doing the things that matter
most and eliminating those things that are not important.  I highly
recommend this to anyone who is serious about their future with family, work, or personal life."    Bernadette Pitts
"It was extremely helpful to me."    Ashley Bollinger
"More informative and effective than any Time Management class I have ever attended.  The spiritual relevance gave me more perspective."    Yvette Winfrey
"I really enjoyed it.  Very practical.  I have seen a marked
improvement in my effectiveness because of application of the principles learned."    Paula Hemphill
"Excellent.  I learned a lot and changed a lot in my attitude toward
planning and goal setting.  This has the potential to be life-changing!"
    Ryan Jennings

"Wonderful.  I wish I heard this earlier!"
    Eliyah Shira Malang, Java, Indonesia
"Great conference!  Gives the tools necessary to begin having more
effective, fruitful lives."     Jan Fuller, Fort Worth
"Excellent material!  Well illustrated, practical, potent."
    Rachel Burke, Arlington, TX
"Very, very good.  I've been to and listened to time management before
but not from a Christ-centered perspective.  All the glory be to Him!
This is fun to gain back control!"    Ralph Grimes, Kennedale, Texas
"The conference was very helpful.  It was informative, interesting, and
presented in an entertaining and relaxed manner."
    Teri Duffey, Fort Worth
"The conference was wonderful!  It opened my eyes to the mistakes that
I make daily!  This seminar is very helpful.  I highly recommend it!
    Angie Bates, Fort Worth
"Terrific.  This was time well spent."    Marianne Reeves, Arlington, Texas
"Enjoyable and informative.  Lots of good stuff!"     
Jason Ballou, Arlington, Texas
"Extremely helpful!  This is such powerful/healthy material.  I wish
there was time for more."    Jaki Weems, Granbury, Texas
"I feel that I have been given great opportunity to make my life more
meaningful and productive."    Carolyn Newby, Arlington, Texas
"Valuable information effectively presented."
    Janis Miles, Duncanville, Texas
"Very helpful to me.  Applying these principles will change my life.
It clarified some things I was confused about because I was too busy to
stop and think clearly.  I attended this conference because I knew I was
out of control.  This will help me get a grip."
    Cheryl Boal, Kennedale, Texas
"Wonderful.  Anointed.  Very sincere.  Personal."
    Cristie Penn, Colleyville, Texas

...From the staff of Hope For The Heart
Following a Time Management Conference

"Material = excellent!  Delivery = excellent!  Jamie--you have a
wonderful gift for taking something that has the potential to be boring
(like Time Management) and turning it into something that I truly looked
forward to each week!"    Mary Comm, Administrative Assistant
"Practical--extremely valuable--maybe life-saving!  Thanks!"
   Beth Stapleton, Research Assistant
"So very helpful, practical, and 'do-able'!  Jamie, your sincere desire
to present truth in order to help us was so evident.  I deeply
appreciated your humble spirit and commitment to God's Word."
    —JoAnn Hummel, Editor
"One of the most beneficial, fulfilling seminars I have ever attended.
Truths that I've heard all of my life were given new definition and
deeper understanding."    Wanda Thompson, Supervisor of Data Entry Department
"Very helpful and challenging"    Robin Baker, Receptionist
"I have attended other seminars before but none that presented the
importance of Time Management from God's viewpoint and our personal spiritual growth."    —Micki Amos, Coordinator of Counselling Through the Bible

"Super!  It has given our entire staff a focus on the importance of the
way our time is used and a freedom to be more effective."
   June Hunt, President, Hope for the Heart Ministries



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