Lord, how did I get so busy? Iím blazing through life at light speed. Away from You. Iíve become too occupied, it seems,...

to begin each day rejoicing in Your presence.

to put on the brakes long enough to share Your love

to seek a quiet midday retreat to tell You how much I love You.

to take a personal interest in helping a brother or sister grow in Christ.

Has the activity of the Christian life overshadowed the serenity of Christ Himself?

Has pressure replaced prayer, instead of prompting it?

Have I substituted workload for wisdom?

Could it be that Iím too busy teaching to learn? Passing others by too quickly to take their extended hand?

Instead of mounting up with wings like an eagle, am I content to be a squawking chicken, shuffling aimlessly in a cloud of dust?

Instead of being still and knowing You are God, Iím moving too fast to know who God is.

How long it has been since I let You lead me beside the still waters!

I seem to prefer instead the neurotic navigation of relentless rapids.

If I could only stop hacking at lifeís overgrown weeds long enough,

Iíd notice the cool patch of green youíve prepared for me.

The burning pace I keep has made me thirsty for your peace. And there Youíve stood all along, Your cup overflowing with refreshment.

And why do I refuse to dwell in Your Word?

Oh, how I need to take it in like the life-giving nutrient that it is.

Swallowing every word. Digesting every truth. So that my life will bear the shining fruit of the Master.

Forgive me Lord, for worshipping You only when I can fit You in. I keep forgetting, Iím the one who fits into Your plan, Your schedule. I need a vacation with You. Alone. At The Open Arms Inn.

So here I am. One saint checking in, weary and confused. Desperately in need of his Creatorís loving embrace. And quiet encouragement. Do You have something by the still waters? I knew You would.


ó Gary Matlack                    






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