Anxiety and pride,

I never knew they worked side by side.


They pull our focus in,

Our minds swirl round and round,

On ourselves they spin.

When I hold onto my cares,

I live independently.

"Donít worry, God. Iíll handle this.

It all depends on me."


It seems an acceptable sin

It does until I realize

The pride that I am in.

I donít notice the needs of others,

When cares are filling my mind,

When I hold onto my worries,

To such opportunities Iím blind.

Fortunately, God has a cure,

A cure to set us free.

He says in 1 Peter 5:6-7,

"Humble yourself. Cast your cares on Me!"

No better father could anyone have

Than the One who spoke these words.

There is no one kinder,

There is no one wiser.

We must believe the truth,

His will is better than our dreams,

God really does care for us,

Despite how things may seem.

So if we want our lives to be,

A blessing to man and pleasing to God,

We must obey His command diligently,

"Humble yourself. Cast your cares on Me!"



ó Jamie and (daughter) Jenna Lash         






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