Considering the fact that Banard Baruch was raised in orphanages, he lived an amazing life. He put himself through school, graduating from college in 1889. As a member on the New York Stock Exchange, he made a vast fortune from his wise investments. During his lifetime, he served as the economic advisor to seven presidents!
When asked how he managed to rise from such depths to such heights, he gave a curious response. He said, "I learned from the magnifying glass." He then explained, "I saw the sun's rays fall on everyone. But the magnifying glass captures the sun's rays, harnesses its power, focuses its energy, and brings forth fire."

When you were a kid, did you ever use a magnifying glass to try to set a leaf or a piece of paper on fire? It's a challenge. Until you really get the light focused on one tiny spot, nothing much happens.

Likewise, if we want to accomplish great things, nothing much happens until we learn to focus completely on the project at hand.

Here are three suggestions for improving our focus:

1. Remove visual distractions

Why do we put things on top of our desks when we are not ready to work on them? Isn't it because we don't want to forget them? We put them in a place where they will grab our attention. The problem is, it works!

Every time our eyes wander from the task at hand and we see the other items, our train of thought is broken.

By using a good filing system and a daily planner, we can reduce visual distractions and improve our focus.

2. Remove audio distractions

Beware of working with a radio or television going in the background. Improved Reading Centers reports that audio distractions rob people of approximately 25% of their concentration and lower job performance accordingly.

(Note: The one exception is classical music. Listening to classical music in the background was not found to lower job performance.)

3. Put your heart in it!

As Colossians 3:23 says, "Whatever your task, do it with all of your heart." Whereas students often ask one another, "How did you do on the test?" God wouldn't ask that question. God would ask, "Did you put your heart in it?"

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