I was once trying to explain to a physician the necessity and meaning of consecration, but he seemed unable to understand. At last I said to him, "Suppose, in going on your rounds among your patients, you should meet with one man who entreated you earnestly to take his case in order to cure him, but who should at the same time refuse to take all your prescribed remedies, and should say to you, ‘I am quite willing to follow your directions as to certain things, because they commend themselves to my mind as good, but in other matters I prefer judging for myself, and following my own directions.’ What would you do in such a case?" I asked. "Do!" he replied with indignation,--"Do! I would soon leave such a man as that to his own care. For, of course," he added, "I could do nothing for him unless he would put his whole case into my hands without reservations, and would obey my directions implicitly." "It is necessary, then," I said, "for doctors to be obeyed if they are to have any chance to cure their patient?" "Implicitly obeyed!" was his emphatic reply. "And that is consecration," I continued. "God must have the whole case put into His hands without any reservations, and His directions must be implicitly followed." "I see it," he exclaimed, "I see it! And I will do it. God shall have His own way with me from now on."

To a soul ignorant of God, this may look hard; but to those who know Him it is the happiest and most restful of lives. He is our Father, and He loves us, and He knows just what is best, and therefore, of course, His will is the very most blessed thing that can come to us under any circumstances. I do not understand how it is that the eyes of so many Christians have been blinded to this fact. But it would really seem as if God's own children were more afraid of His will than of anything else in life,-- His lovely, lovable will, which only means loving-kindnesses and tender mercies, and blessings unspeakable to their souls. I wish only that I could show to everyone the unfathomable sweetness of the will of God. Heaven is a place of infinite bliss because His will is perfectly done there, and our lives share in this bliss just in proportion as His will is perfectly done in them. He loves us, --loves us, I say, -- and the will of love is always blessing for its loved one.

Perhaps the word "abandonment" might express this idea better than the word "consecration." But whatever word we use, we mean an entire surrender of the whole being to God,--spirit, soul, and body placed under His absolute control, for Him to do with us just what He pleases. We mean a life of inevitable obedience.

I beg of you not to look at it as a hard and stern demand. You must do it gladly, thankfully, enthusiastically. Simply say to the Lord, "I want You to do whatever You think best with me. I will trust Your love." I can assure you, from the universal testimony of all who have tried it, that you will find it the happiest place you have ever entered yet.

--Hannah Whitall Smith, The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life






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