When sin enticed me as a young Christian, I would flee from the Lord. I feared turning to Him lest He make me give up my sin which I loved so much.

Then God began teaching me that I should never fear what He would say because He always has good news for me. When I turned back to Him, He got rid of my sin, but it was never with a word which brought disappointment. God's words always bring more freedom, more joy, more life.

Do You Fear God's Word To You?

Simply seeing the truth about God and His will causes us to run to Him rather than away from Him. We rebel from God's will only when we believe the lie that something good exists for us apart from God's will. Romans 2:4 says, "It is the kindness of God that leads you to repentance." Those who believe lies about God's character and who thus fail to see the truth about His kindness don't repent.

Meditating on the following facts has helped me to trust Him and to desire to hear what He wants to say to me.

* God's will for me is the best thing this universe can contain.

* Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father... (James 1:17)

* God is more ambitious for my happiness than I am.

* God's dreams and plans for my life make my dreams and plans look like garbage.


Jamie Lash                     

(assisted by Brent Wallace)






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