When Marcy and I bought our first house, there were two huge peach trees in the yard. One day I noticed that these trees had sprouted hundreds of peach blossoms. Visions of peach cobbler started dancing in my head. In a couple of weeks every blossom was replaced by a marble-sized peach. A couple weeks later they were golfball-sized. A couple weeks later, they were still golfball-sized. Then they turned brown.
Despite our high hopes, we didn't get a single peach worth eating that year. We had watered the trees and sprayed for bugs, but we had failed to do one vital thing.

We hadn't pruned the trees. As a result, the nutrients absorbed by the roots were divided among too many branches. Lots of branches. No cobbler.

I relate the story because it provides an interesting picture of our lives. Are we like unpruned trees or pruned trees? Are we dissipating our energy by dividing it in too many directions? Or are we focusing on a few important things so that we can be fruitful in the things that matter most?

God is Not the Overloader

In Luke 10:41 we find Martha scurrying about, feeling overloaded and overwhelmed. Finally she complains to Jesus. His answer may have surprised her. Jesus said, "Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things; few things are needful."

"Our heavenly Father," observes Charles Shedd, "never gives us too much to do. Men will. We assign ourselves an overload, but never the Lord. He knows what He wants from each of us, and there is plenty of time in His day for things essential to His plan. We do Him a grave injustice when we fall into the habit of compulsive overwork. We sin when we pressure out His wishes for assignments that have not been filtered through divine judgment."

Elisabeth Elliot says, "I wrote to a friend, telling her the things on my roster for which I needed her prayers. It was a long list, more than I felt I could possibly accomplish.

"'Thy list be done' is what I'm praying for you these days," she wrote back. It is a good prayer for a disciple to pray. I am all for making lists of what needs to be done (and I am exhilarated by checking them off when finished!). But the lists must be reviewed daily with the Lord, asking Him to delete whatever is not on His list for us, so that before we go to bed it will be possible to say, 'I have finished the work You gave me to do.'"

In every day there is always enough time to do the perfect will of God.


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