When I become anxious, I become preoccupied with myself--the focal point of my own attention. God commands me to correct my focus.

Humble yourselves...casting all of your cares upon Him for He cares for you.  1 Pet. 5:6-7

God tells me to humble myself in verse 6, and He tells me how to do it in verse 7. If I'm filled with cares, my mind is on myself constantly. I'm wrapped up in my own world because of the anxieties swirling around in my mind. I can't be sensitive to others because I'm not thinking about others. Only when I cast every care upon the Lord, can I turn to care for and love other people.

Impending Disaster

One Sunday morning I was scheduled to speak in a large church. Unfortunately, I felt guilty because I had not spent significant time in God's Word that week. I felt like God was saying to me, "Since you haven't been in My Word, let's see how you do on your own today. Maybe this experience will teach you a lesson." As I rehearsed the message in my mind, I became convinced it was going to be a disaster. I thought, "I'm going to make a total fool of myself."

Fortunately, God was not thinking what I feared He was thinking. With about thirty minutes to go before my departure, my Father in heaven got through to me, My son, I want you to cast all your cares upon Me. Give me the care about your not being in My Word this week and your care about this morning being a disaster. I let out a sigh of relief, and God's peace flooded in. At that point my focus turned to those I was going to share with and how I might benefit them. Up until that time, my focus had been entirely on myself.

Dealing With "Uncastable Cares"

Casting your anxieties on the Lord brings peace of mind. But, be warned. At some point, you will likely receive an anxious thought which seems "uncastable." When you try to cast it, it seems to hit the ceiling and bounce back into your brain. Will this be the end of the peace you've been enjoying? It will be, unless you realize what Satan is doing behind the scenes.

The enemy has slung a flaming dart in your direction. The problem is no longer the anxiety itself, but a subtle lie you've received on top of the anxiety. The lie is simply this, You can't cast this anxiety on the Lord. Whatever God commands you to do, He enables you to do. When you recognize the lie and dismiss it as such, you will again be free to cast the anxiety itself upon the Lord.

Anxiety is never justified in God's sight. Let's be diligent to obey His command to cast ALL of our cares upon Him.

Jamie Lash                     

(assisted by Brent Wallace)






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