With mighty demonstrations of His power and kindness, God rescued the Hebrews from Egyptian slavery. Three days after God parted the Red Sea, the Hebrews found themselves with no water. God was testing them. Would they trust Him?

No, they wouldn't. Instead, they began to complain and rebel. God gave them a total of ten tests and ten times they flunked. Their problem was spiritual forgetfulness.

Psalm 78:42 They did not keep in mind his power, or the day when he redeemed them from the foe.

Psalm 78:11 They forgot what he had done, and the miracles that he had shown them.

Twelve years ago, I wrote this message in my journal: "God wants you to thank Him for His blessings by name every day."

For ten years I did nothing, but two years ago I rediscovered what I had written. Since then giving thanks to God has become one of the biggest blessings of my life.

Sometimes when I begin my quiet time, my heart seems as cold as ice. However, but by the time I acknowledge that the God of the universe cares for me personally, that He has good plans for my life, that He has already delivered me from numerous forms of bondage, that He continues to work in my heart, that He uses me to bless others, etc., etc., etc., I feel like climbing on top of the roof and shouting, "Praise God!

Hannah Smith made the same point several decades ago in these two passages from The God of All Comfort:

"We are commanded to enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise, and I am convinced that the giving of thanks is the key that opens these gates more quickly than anything else. Try it, dear reader. The next time you feel dead, cold, and low-spirited begin to praise and thank the Lord. Enumerate to yourself the benefits He has bestowed upon you, thank Him heartily for each one, and see if your spirits do not begin to rise, and your heart get warmed up."

"When the people praised and gave thanks, then the house was filled with the glory of the Lord. And we may be sure that the reason our hearts are not oftener filled with the "glory of the Lord" is because we do not often enough make our voices to be heard in praising and thanking Him.

This is not an exercise in positive thinking; this is simply reminding ourselves of truth.

When we continually recount truths about God's kindness, faithfulness, power, goodness, etc., we erect a shield against Satan's attacks of deception and discouragement.



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