"I have been to conferences, gone through various Bible Studies, etc., but nothing has changed my life like this."
    —Darrie Francis

"It opened my eyes in a way that hasn’t happened before."
                                                                              Phyllis Bailey

"Probably the most Biblically true series I’ve ever heard. The truth was presented with such clarity that it would be very difficult to miss.  The most helpful thing to me was the emphasis on believing the truth as God has spoken it instead of assessing myself by feelings or experience. I am who God said I am!  [The speaker] made this journey so much fun, but the fun never detracted from the focus. Excellent humor!"
                                                                                Terry Danley

"It inspired me and I left feeling great burdens lifted from me."                                                                                  Teresa Holland

"It was the best conference I’ve ever been to. I’ve gone to "gospel" meetings all my life but this one had truly good news for Christians and non-Christians.
                                                                                 Gay Danley
"This is absolutely liberating!  I appreciate the reference to scripture as the main focal point.  Teaching from scripture is much more effective than teaching from experience."
                                                David Bongio, San Antonio, TX

"Excellent.  The very best I've ever attended." 
                                                                      Dr. Nobleto Materdo
I just wanted to send an email to let you know that this ministry has been an incredible blessing to me. I've been listening to the sermons on the Judgment Seat of Christ, as well as the Freedom in Christ messages (particularly what is God really like) for about a year now, and God has used them to really revolutionize the way I see Him, and the way we interact. We're a lot closer now, knowing that he really wants me to enjoy my life. I've been able to be a lot more honest and real with God. Thank you for your honesty, because it's helped me to be honest with myself too. 9 out of ten times I've thought the same thing that you mention! Also the stories that you tell stick with me, and make everything more practical. Sometimes when I need a good laugh, I'll just download a message. So bottom line; I just wanted to express my appreciation, because they've been a major catalyst in my growth with God. Thanks a lot!"  
  Karla Boettcher., via e-mail


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