Life Giving Words  is the writing, teaching, and conference ministry of James (Jamie) Lash.
Jamie is the Director of Student Development at Dallas Baptist University and co-author of the best-selling book, This Was Your Life!  

He conducts "Freedom in Christ" and "This Was Your Life!" conferences for churches. 
Jamie and wife, Marcy, have three children (Jenna, Jessica, and Timmy).  They make their home near Dallas, Texas.

Along with the conference ministry, Life Giving Words produces books, tapes, CD's, and videos - for real life change and eternal impact.
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Born in Connecticut, Jamie Lash grew up as an atheist in Bethesda, Maryland. When two Christian college students reached out to him during his freshman year of high school, he was amazed by their kindness. It was the first time he had ever heard anyone say it was possible to have a personal relationship with God. After a spiritual search that lasted nine months, Jamie accepted Christ and began to grow spiritually.
Despite graduating from high school in the third fifth of his class, Jamie went off to college with high hopes of academic  success.  He attended Dickinson College in Pennsylvania and met his wife-to-be, Marcy, on the third day. They became engaged about seven weeks later. His academic experience was not quite so successful. During the second semester, he flunked every course except skiing.


He left college and began a housepainting business, but his business soon started to fail. At this point God began teaching him two things: 1) to focus on Christ’s adequacy rather than on his own inadequacy, and 2) to live by the Word of God rather than by his feelings. The results were dramatic. He returned to college with diligence and ultimately graduated "magna cum laude."

During their college years, Marcy’s father relocated his family to Texas, so Jamie and Marcy both transferred to Baylor University to study economics and math respectively. After completing undergraduate and masters degrees, both were invited to join the Baylor faculty. Jamie taught economics and finance at Baylor for ten years. During his last four years at Baylor, he received three awards for excellence in teaching (including Baylor's "Outstanding Faculty Member of the Year" award).

Jamie says he can still remember his heart pounding during his senior year of college when he began to sense that God was calling him into a teaching ministry. For over two decades he has shared the principles from God’s Word that have changed his own life. The messages are Word-based, powerful, and practical. A host of personal (often humorous) stories form the backdrop. His seminars were aired on the radio in Dallas and Washington, D.C. for about six years, and free articles are now available through the ministry of

In 1987 he was so impacted by a video on the Judgment Seat of Christ that he watched it sixteen times. He spent the next ten years co-authoring a book with Rick Howard that has become a bestseller. This Was Your Life! was released in 1998 and is in its seventh printing; it has also been published in Germany, Great Britain, and Korea.
Attracted by Dallas Baptist University's mission of developing servant leaders, Jamie was brought on as Director of Admissions in 1989.  After two years, he moved into his current position as Director of Student Development. Jamie
teaches Foundations for Excellence, Christian Leadership,
Time Management and a course to help people double their reading speed.

Jamie and Marcy have been married twenty-three years and have three children: eighteen-year-old Jenna, fifteen-year-old Jessica, and twelve-year-old Timmy. Marcy homeschools all three children. The Lashes live in Grand Prairie, Texas and attend Grace Community Church in Arlington.

During his free time, Jamie enjoys racquetball and soccer, and coaches his son's soccer team.

"I want to be sure credit is given where credit is due—and that is to God Himself. Knowing God personally is the one thing that makes life worth living. He has not only freed me from numerous forms of bondage; He has given me a life filled with meaning and fruitfulness. I just want to glorify His Name and help other people get to know Him better. That’s my mission."

Jamie Lash




 Jamie Lash    LifeGivingWords
 3000 Mountain Creek Pkwy.   Dallas, TX  75211
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