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Our purpose at LifeGivingWords.com is to help people grow strong in the Lord. God is so incredibly kind that He wants to enrich your life beyond what you have ever dreamed is possible. He accomplishes this by teaching you how to walk in truth and in love. Through His truth, He can make you "free indeed" on the inside. Through His love, He can make your life a blessing to thousands of other people. We think our resources can really help you grow in these two areas, so we'd like to offer them to you on a risk-free basis...
We have three different series:

(1.)  The "Freedom in Christ" series begins with sessions on how to overcome unforgiveness, frustration, and anger. The series then focuses on God's character so you will be able to trust Him. His plans for your life are much better than your own. The more accurate your view of God is, the more you'll want to follow Him. This series will also teach you to live by the facts of God's Word rather than by your feelings, to guard your mind from lies, to be free from fear, to see yourself the way God sees you, and to be free from addictive sin. You cannot break free from sin's dominion by using your will power or determination. However, the truth will make you free--once you understand it. Bondage is caused by believing things that aren't even true!

Once we realize we are who God says we are, then we realize we can do what God says we can do. We can fulfill our calling. What does the God of the universe want to accomplish through you? The calling He has placed upon you is a thousand times more important than you have ever imagined, because God wants to impact His Kingdom forever through your life.

(2.)  The series entitled "This Was Your Life! Preparing to Meet God Face to Face" will motivate you to live each day in light of that awesome Day when you will stand before God and He will test your works by fire--to show what was valuable and what was worthless (1 Cor. 3:9-15). God will not only show what you have done, but also why you did those things (1 Cor. 4:5).

Salvation is a free gift based on faith in Christ alone, but God says those who believe are "created in Christ Jesus for good works". Every day God is giving you opportunities to love and serve others. As you learn to live this day in light of "that Day", your life will become very valuable to God and to those around you. As this series teaches you how to develop a servantís heart, you will find yourself experiencing more and more freedom from depression, loneliness, boredom, and stage fright. You will also learn to cast all your cares upon the Lord so that you can spend the rest of your life free from anxiety.

(3.)  The third series is called "Time Management: Reduce your Stress, Multiply your Effectiveness!" It is very practical training from a Christian perspective in how to get better control of your time and your life, how to set goals in such a way that you will actually do them, how to do more of whatís really on your heart to do, how to make your life more pleasing to God and effective for His Kingdom.

If you buy resources from us and find that God does not use them to cause significant changes in your life, simply return them. We'll not only refund your money, we'll also reimburse you for the cost of shipping it back to us! That's the deal! You can't lose. Either you take significant strides forward in growing strong in the Lord, or you get your money back.

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