Foreword by Jack Hayford

Founding Pastor, Church on the Way
President, King's College and Seminary
Purchased 2,000 copies of the book

"The skilled approach taken by Rick Howard and Jamie Lash to this awe-inspiring theme is peculiar in this respect:  It is both entertaining and frightening.  If 'entertaining' seems glib, know that it is only in the sense that it is highly engrossing.   If 'frightening' seems undesirable, know it is only in the sense that one is led to a new awareness of our ultimate accountability for our life. 

It may strike some as a superficial generalization to say that every Christian should hear this message, but it seems in today's mental and moral environment that it would merit such priority consideration. This message is a sobering summons to our souls - a sensitively discussed but starkly honest presentation which will enrich the viewer.  We need the weight of such teaching to balance the truths of our expectations of God's blessings with the truth of God's expectations of us.  Here is ballast for the soul - a blessing in both smooth and stormy times."

  Jack Hayford

“This message jolted me with a dramatic glimpse of eternity.  It has shaped my life and rescued me from misspent years.”
John Dawson,  Best-selling author & President of YWAM

"I read about half of the book and I wept and I wept and I wept.  It has really washed over my soul.  That book actually revolutionized my life.  I don't know how many copies I've given away."
Thelma Wells, Women of Faith Conference Speaker

“This message was what my soul needed nownot only to be better prepared to meet my Savior, but to be motivated in a greater, more solid way, to work for Him.”
Loren Cunningham, Past President of YWAM

"Wonderfully written and Christ-centered.  From the very first page to Booth's vision, it is a compelling book." 

Rick E. Amidon, President, Baker College of Muskegon

“Every follower of Christ should read this book.  I wish I had this guide much earlier in my Christian walk.  I would not have wasted so many years seeking man’s approval and praise.  The authors guide the reader to an uplifting knowledge of how to truly follow Christ.  The book is filled with practical instruction on how to change.  I have already given away ten copies to friends.  After reading it, several have said, 'This is
exactly what I have been looking for!'" 
  Mike Cummins  (Arlington, TX)
“The impact of This Was Your Life continues to astound me.  I am a different person than I was a year ago.”   
Robbie Newsome  (Sulpher Springs, TX)
“Uniformly excellent.  One of the best guides to the basic Christian life I have ever read.  Not once did the authors dip into the pool of selfish theology.  This is a book that shows how to get your eyes off of yourself and on the prize.  And what a prize it is.”     Dave Canfield, Reviewer for Cornerstone  (Vol. 27, Issue 15)
"This book has impacted me more than any other I have read.   I plan to
read it at least once a year."
     Jennifer Lockerbie  (Fortville, IN)
“There is a lot of great information available through various sources, but this series is heart-changing and life-changing.  God is renewing my mind and transforming my thought patterns, removing the lies and false teachings I had been programmed to believe.  The Truth will set you free! I cannot tell you how much these videos are impacting my life.”    Heather Burke
“Absolutely the most life-changing teaching I have ever heard.”
Rick Fry  (Ventura, CA)
“I believe that after THE GOSPEL, this is THE most important truth that anyone can ever hear.  If believers really embrace this, their lives will never be the same.  Since I read ‘This Was Your Life!’ in l999, there is not a day that I do not think about living for THAT DAY instead of just TODAY.   I have now bought over 400 copies of the book and about 20 copies of the video series!  I have distributed these copies resulting in
overwhelmingly positive and grateful responses.  Most people have had similar reactions to mine and have in turn ordered more books to give to the believers they know.  There is just no way to measure the far-reaching impact this book will have.”
  Penny Dyer  (Dallas, TX)

"A life-changing book. Far from a depressing tone of doom and destruction, This Was Your Life! covers nearly every aspect of Christian discipleship recognizing that how we live our lives affects our heavenly rewards."   
Woman's Touch
"...Will stir readers out of concern for themselves and into concern for others. This prophetic message explains how the Judgment Seat of Christ shapes our living faith in everything we do. An excellent book for a short Bible study course or for individual reading, a strong addition to any library."   
Church Libraries
“The dynamic of this message cannot be overstated.  You will rejoice that you heard it while there is still time to change.”   
Iverna Tompkins, Conference Speaker

“This is a wonderful book!  If you long to hear Jesus say, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant’--this book is for you.”
  Barbara W. Rogers, Reviewer for Newsline  (Oct. ‘98)

“This Was Your Life!” has made a huge impact on my family.  Not only have I given several copies away, but my wife is an avid reader, and she has told countless people that it’s the best book she’s ever read.”
Dr. Hal Stewart  (Flower Mound, TX)

“I'm not sure what to say or how to say it.  This was something that, in more than 25 years of being a Christian, I don't believe I have ever heard.  This truly is a life-changing word.  It changes our outlook on everything.  It also puts a new understanding on a lot of confusing Scriptures.  When I first heard you speak on this, I knew that this was something that my whole family needed to hear.  When I watched the video, the impact of the message was just as strong.  I was truly "blown away."  I felt cheated that I had never heard this before, and it left me with a hunger to hear & know more.  It is hard to put into words the feelings that I went through because words are inadequate to express what God does in a heart.  This is truly a Word that the Body of Christ desperately needs to hear.” 
    Valerie Ferguson
“That book is having a MASSIVE affect on our family, and we are going to do a weekly focus group on the videos from our home.  This is just AWESOME, simply AWESOME!  I really can’t get over it.”  
  Lynda Waller

"Bible studies are going on everywhere here in Colleyville because of
"This Was Your Life."   Lives are being changed before my eyes!"

    Lisa Rose (Colleyville, TX)



"I just finished the 'This Was Your Life' tape series - wow!  I have
listened to many of the tapes more than once.  I have been reading the
book as well and going over the questions.  It's a very powerful
series."   Lydia Snyder (Orlando, FL))

Some of these comments were from a This Was Your Life!
Conference held at Christ for the Nations Institute...
"It set my heart free."    —Janet M.
"I learned SO MUCH that I CAN and will use. The section on the Fear of Man freed me."    Delilah Palocios-Crawford (San Antonio, TX)
"It was amazing! Already, I have made some major changes in my life,
and God has pulled me out of a month-long depression."    Anonymous
"This has been an eye opener!"    Steve Henschel (Vancouver, WA)
"It has been awesome. Some amazing insights into the Word."
    Richard Meikle (Mutare, Zimbabwe)
"It was excellent. I wish it were longer."    —Jeff LaBarge (Belton, CA)
"Awesome! This conference really changes lives."
    Alenka Ramirez (Mexico City)

"Absolutely phenomenal! Rock on! The illustrations/analogies were superb. Let’s make it longer."    Bruce Cunningham (Santiago, Chile)
"I enjoyed the focus on pride/humility. It’s nice to have it re-enforced that any focus on yourself (including negative) is still pride! This concept can set a lot of people free!"    Traci Butler (Lubbock, TX)
"It was awesome! Never before have I understood what true humility was."    Carolyn Lassiter (Nyssa, Oregon)
"Clear and powerful. This conference was an answer to my prayers."
    Waleska Souza (Brazil)
"It was a very effective conference in giving us tools to use in living every moment to its fullest for God."
    Rebecca Blanchard (Laredo, TX)
"I enjoyed it very much. It gave me a freedom to enjoy and appreciate change without putting up a defensive wall or using justification."   
Jennifer Agyepong (Worcester, MA)
"It was very helpful. God used you to say, "If you even think ‘What will people think of me?’ no matter what the answer is, it is still pride." That revelation gave me an understanding of how the devil works. I have been living in shame and rejection for many months. Once I got a revelation of casting your cares upon the Lord, I was broken free. Now I just have to stand on this revelation and meditate on the teaching that was taught to me. Thank you, Jesus, for using this conference to drastically change and put joy and peace in my life."
    Matthew O’Brien (Quincy, TX)
"Very encouraging. It has blessed my life in many ways."
    Faith Ives (Waco, TX)
"It was excellent. The topic [of the Judgment Seat of Christ] is unchartered territory for me & very challenging!"
    Elissa Polley (Minneapolis, MN)
"I really enjoyed the conference. I learned a lot. This conference opened some new doors in my faith that changed my life. I would recommend this conference to any believer."
    Chris Belcher (Auckland, New Zealand)
"Very sobering. It brought much light to the subject [of the Judgment Seat] and helped me focus on the true reason for living—to serve others and be closer and closer to God. I loved everything you said, especially the way you did it. You can touch on harsh subjects in a very gentle way, and talk about something serious with a lot of humor. I wish we had more time! Everything was simply great!"
    Keila Thieme (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
"Very well presented, understandable, and impacting."
    Rachel Godwin (Dothan, Alabama)
"This was such a great God week. It has given me a new freedom and a different mindset."    Jamie Weaver (Elizabethville, PA)
"Wow! It was a waker-upper. It was awesome."
    Pedro Teram (Douglas, AZ)
"This was some of the most amazing insightful topics I have ever heard."
   Zech Stake (Sioux Falls, South Dakota)


I just wanted to send an email to let you know that this ministry has been an incredible blessing to me. I've been listening to the sermons on the Judgment Seat of Christ, as well as the Freedom in Christ messages (particularly what is God really like) for about a year now, and God has used them to really revolutionize the way I see Him, and the way we interact. We're a lot closer now, knowing that he really wants me to enjoy my life. I've been able to be a lot more honest and real with God. Thank you for your honesty, because it's helped me to be honest with myself too. 9 out of ten times I've thought the same thing that you mention! Also the stories that you tell stick with me, and make everything more practical. Sometimes when I need a good laugh, I'll just download a message. So bottom line; I just wanted to express my appreciation, because they've been a major catalyst in my growth with God. Thanks a lot!"  
     Karla Boettcher., via e-mail
Words from Freedom in Christ  CONFERENCE ATTENDEES...
"Probably the most Biblically true series I’ve ever heard. The truth was presented with such clarity that it would be very difficult to miss.  The most helpful thing to me was the emphasis on believing the truth as God has spoken it instead of assessing myself by feelings or experience. I am who God said I am!  [The speaker] made this journey so much fun, but the fun never detracted from the focus. Excellent humor!"
     —Terry Danley
"It was the best conference I’ve ever been to. I’ve gone to "gospel" meetings all my life but this one had true good news for Christians and non-Christians.
  —Gay Danley
"It inspired me and I left feeling great burdens lifted from me."
  —Teresa Holland

"I have been to conferences, gone through various Bible Studies, etc., but nothing has changed my life like this."     —Darrie Francis
"It opened my eyes in a way that hasn’t happened before."     —Phyllis Bailey



"Excellent material!  Well illustrated, practical, potent."
    Rachel Burke, Arlington, TX
"I really enjoyed it.  Very practical.  I have seen a marked improvement in my effectiveness because of application of the principles learned."    Paula Hemphill
"Very, very good.  I've been to and listened to time management before
but not from a Christ-centered perspective.  All the glory be to Him!
This is fun to gain back control!"    Ralph Grimes, Kennedale, Texas
"Wonderful.  I wish I heard this earlier!"
    Eliyah Shira Malang, Java, Indonesia

"Excellent.  I learned a lot and changed a lot in my attitude toward
planning and goal setting.  This has the potential to be life-changing!"
    Ryan Jennings
"The conference was wonderful!  It opened my eyes to the mistakes that
I make daily!  This seminar is very helpful.  I highly recommend it!
    Angie Bates, Fort Worth
"Enjoyable--which is not what I expected."    Johnny Gardner
"Very practical.  A scaffolding for a more productive and less
stressful life."    Sam Fanning
"Very beneficial."    Terri Lynn Graves
"Highly effective.  This has effectively trained me to become a better
leader and a more efficient Time Manager.  At the same time, it has
eliminated a great deal of stress by simply doing the things that matter
most and eliminating those things that are not important.  I highly
recommend this to anyone who is serious about their future with family, work, or personal life."    Bernadette Pitts
"It was extremely helpful to me."    Ashley Bollinger
"More informative and effective than any Time Management class I have ever attended.  The spiritual relevance gave me more perspective."    Yvette Winfrey

"Great conference!  Gives the tools necessary to begin having more
effective, fruitful lives."     Jan Fuller, Fort Worth
"The conference was very helpful.  It was informative, interesting, and
presented in an entertaining and relaxed manner."
    Teri Duffey, Fort Worth
"Terrific.  This was time well spent."    Marianne Reeves, Arlington, Texas
"Enjoyable and informative.  Lots of good stuff!"     
Jason Ballou, Arlington, Texas
"Extremely helpful!  This is such powerful/healthy material.  I wish
there was time for more."    Jaki Weems, Granbury, Texas
"I feel that I have been given great opportunity to make my life more
meaningful and productive."    Carolyn Newby, Arlington, Texas
"Valuable information effectively presented."
    Janis Miles, Duncanville, Texas
"Very helpful to me.  Applying these principles will change my life.
It clarified some things I was confused about because I was too busy to
stop and think clearly.  I attended this conference because I knew I was
out of control.  This will help me get a grip."
    Cheryl Boal, Kennedale, Texas
"Wonderful.  Anointed.  Very sincere.  Personal."
    Cristie Penn, Colleyville, Texas

...From the staff of Hope For The Heart
Following a Time Management Conference

"Material = excellent!  Delivery = excellent!  Jamie--you have a
wonderful gift for taking something that has the potential to be boring
(like Time Management) and turning it into something that I truly looked
forward to each week!"    Mary Comm, Administrative Assistant
"Practical--extremely valuable--maybe life-saving!  Thanks!"
   Beth Stapleton, Research Assistant
"So very helpful, practical, and 'do-able'!  Jamie, your sincere desire
to present truth in order to help us was so evident.  I deeply
appreciated your humble spirit and commitment to God's Word."
    —JoAnn Hummel, Editor
"One of the most beneficial, fulfilling seminars I have ever attended.
Truths that I've heard all of my life were given new definition and
deeper understanding."    Wanda Thompson, Supervisor of Data Entry Department
"Very helpful and challenging"    Robin Baker, Receptionist
"I have attended other seminars before but none that presented the
importance of Time Management from God's viewpoint and our personal spiritual growth."    —Micki Amos, Coordinator of Counselling Through the Bible

"Super!  It has given our entire staff a focus on the importance of the
way our time is used and a freedom to be more effective."
   June Hunt, President, Hope for the Heart Ministries





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