SESSION 1      Encountering the Christ of Revelation            
SESSION 1      Take Heed How You Build           
SESSION 1      How Do We Bear Much Fruit?            
SESSION 1      Ultimate Success        
SESSION 1      The Fear of Man          
SESSION 1      The Vision of General Booth  (Founder of Salvation Army)         
SESSION 1      Casting Your Cares 
SESSION 1      Developing a Servant's Heart; Curing Depression, Boredom, Loneliness
SESSION 1      Overcoming Stage Fright 
SESSION 1      The Fear of the Lord is a Fountain of Life! 
SESSION 1      Seizing the Time; Overcoming Frustration & Anger 
SESSION 1      Faithfulness In Trial 
SESSION 1      Questions & Answers Session  (Plus Bloopers & Outtakes) 




"Our crew here at Friend Ships is doing your video teaching series 'This Was Your Life' again at our morning devotional meetings.  These are absolutely amazing!!   The crew is being incredibly blessed by it.  God is more faithful and good than we will ever be able to fathom this side of Heaven."

    Kristin Boettcher (Port Mercy, LA)

"Bible studies are going on everywhere here in Colleyville because of
"This Was Your Life."   Lives are being changed before my eyes!"

    Lisa Rose (Colleyville, TX)
“Absolutely the most life-changing teaching I have ever heard.”
Rick Fry  (Ventura, CA)

“I believe that after THE GOSPEL, this is THE most important truth that anyone can ever hear.  If believers really embrace this, their lives will never be the same.  Since I read ‘This Was Your Life!’ in l999, there is not a day that I do not think about living for THAT DAY instead of just TODAY.   I have now bought over 400 copies of the book and about 20 copies of the video series!  I have distributed these copies resulting in overwhelmingly positive and grateful responses.  Most people have had similar reactions to mine and have in turn ordered more books to give to the believers they know.  There is just no way to measure the far-reaching impact this book will have.”
  Penny Dyer  (Dallas, TX)
“There is a lot of great information available through various sources,
but this series is heart-changing and life-changing.  God is renewing my
mind and transforming my thought patterns, removing the lies and false
teachings I had been programmed to believe.  The Truth will set you free!
I cannot tell you how much these videos are impacting my life.”
  Heather Burke

“I'm not sure what to say or how to say it.  This was something that, in more than 25 years of being a Christian, I don't believe I have ever heard.  This truly is a life-changing word.  It changes our outlook on everything.  It also puts a new understanding on a lot of confusing Scriptures.  When I first heard you speak on this, I knew that this was something that my whole family needed to hear.  When I watched the video, the impact of the message was just as strong.  I was truly "blown away."  I felt cheated that I had never heard this before, and it left me with a hunger to hear & know more.  It is hard to put into words the feelings that I went through because words are inadequate to express what God does in a heart.  This is truly a Word that the Body of Christ desperately needs to hear.”
    Valerie Ferguson
“That book is having a MASSIVE affect on our family, and we are going to
do a weekly focus group on the videos from our home.  This is just
AWESOME, simply AWESOME!  I really can’t get over it.”
  Lynda Waller







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